Jan 16, 2008

Another Way to Improve Language Skills

All of us know that to improve our language skills we need to have practice read, write and speak. We also know of such ways as having a small personal dictionary, learning N words per day, etc.

I’d like to introduce another way I’ve invented. Perhaps it’s not an easier way. This is just one more trick we can use and combine with other ones. And I suspect I’m not the first who invented it.

So the Method Is
When you see something or think about something, check yourself – do you know what is that word in English (Spanish, Russian, etc.). If you don’t, write that word down in the language you know immediately (you can just remember – that’s enough if you are not trying to learn too many words daily). And check it out in the dictionary once you have access to it.

The difference from just learning N words from a dictionary is that you learn words that describe your surrounding and your life so you are more likely to use words learned this way in practice.

It helps me and will hopefully help you.


Unknown said...

I will give this tip a try, I've struggled in the past learning languages. Part of the problem has alway been that just learned words instead of focusing on the words they I use when speaking. Thanks.

Nikita Knysh said...

Hi Martin. Thank you for your comment. I hope this method will add to your success in learning languages. BTW which language(s) do you learn? If those include Russian or Ukrainian we can speak to mutually increase our language abilities :) Anyway, take a look at http://huitalk.com/ - a good language exchange community.

broca's area said...

yeah agree with you...this was believed to be the method used by Abraham Lincoln in his earlier days!....is this inspired by that???:))

Nikita Knysh said...

Nope. I've "invented" this by myself :)