Jan 21, 2008

Calculate Your Blogging Efficiency!

As you can see I’ve started blogging only several days ago but those several days were enough for me to realize that blogging isn’t easy thing and it takes time and efforts to attract readers. Perhaps everybody knows this but why not try to calculate how much time we spend for generating each visit? To measure is to control. To control is to succeed.

The formula is very simple:

Efficiency = Number of your hours you’ve invested to your blog / Number of Visits to Your Blog

If you’re going to vote on “What’s Your Blogging Efficiency?” poll please follow the simple rules below to make results more unified and ensure we all have the same foundation to evaluate

  1. Choose any time period you like. This poll is only for fun and to turn your attention to the fact that we can measure and track efficiency of our activities. I don’t see the way restricting time period will add value to the poll results.

  2. Try to remember how much time you’ve spent on your blog, including technical activities, posting and promoting. I know that number of hours cannot be very precise. It can even be very inaccurate! But what’s precise enough for you precise enough for us as well.

  3. Count visits to your blog’s website (not visitors, new subscribers, hits or anything else).

When you’re done with calculation you can see where you are standing among other bloggers and vote! The poll will not last forever. I plan to close it when traffic to this post falls to 1/3 of the peak. So you can subscribe and get notified about the final results.

A couple of tips on evaluating your efficiency:
  1. If you spend much time for getting each visit then you should love each your reader! What if even they will stop visiting?!

  2. If you spend one second to attract one visit then you’re quite close to be a Lord of Blogging! You’ve learnt to love your readers ages ago, haven’t you?
My efficiency is 22 minutes per visit. Leave yours in comments – poll results are not personalized!


Anonymous said...

I came here through your posting at Linkedin.
Writing good stuff and making it reach to numbers is a dificult task.
When I started Blogging as a profession, it takes me around 1 and a hald month to give a place which includes visiting to other, promoting through different channels and keep adding new widget to attract traffic.

If I calculate my blogging efficiency at that time, it ranges from 2- 5 mins to have one visit.

Thats good... :)

Nikita Knysh said...

Hi Mona, thanks for your comment. I've took a look ant your blog http://mastermindmona.blogspot.com/ and subscribed. Please do post more often!

Chris said...

I've been blogging since August 2007 about agile development practices. If you're counting only website visits, I'd say I started out spending about 20 minutes on each blog post and had fewer than 50 visits per day on average in my first month. After speaking at several events and promoting my blog in various ways, my average daily visits are over 3,000 now, my subscribr base hovers between 3500 and 4000 depending on the mood FeedBurner seems to be in, and my aggregator activity fluctuates between 5000 to 6000 per day. I still spend between 10 and 30 minutes per post on my blog depending on length. I would say the key to increasing readership and visits is to keep writing. Keep to a schedule and keep providing good content!

Gratuitious blog plug (to increase traffic): Check out my blog at www.chrisspagnuolo.com.

Nikita Knysh said...

Hi Chris. Thank you for your success story. As for me it worth more that a hundred of blogging tips because it proofs one more time that those tips actually work! You have +1 subscriber to your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikita. I found your blog from the comment you left at RemarkaBlogger. I was just going to drop by and take a look, but the first two posts really grabbed my attention (especially this one). Of course, my efficiency is so bad because I spend way too much time writing each post. I have to see if I can improve on that without changing the quality. BTW, I will be subscribing.

Nikita Knysh said...

Hi Jim, thanks a lot for this comment and especially for the link to this post from you feed. I've just noticed that your post is in your feed but I couldn't find the post on your blog's website. Link from the article in your feed is broken: http://bloggingstartup.com/2008/how-do-you-measure-blogging-success/

... From all the above you can see that I have subscribed!

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikita,
I "stumbled" upon you and I like what I see. I've only been blogging for a couple of weeks, so I've subscribed to your blog, need all the information I can find.
Great info!

My Blog

Nikita Knysh said...

Thank you Anonynous aka Heath :) I see I won't get comprehensive stats as number of voters is (and I guess will be) too little :) I've subscribed to your blog as well. New bloggers should support each other :)

Jinx said...

Hi there,

I started a blog yesterday, mainly because I teach A level Communication Studies and have to teach about 'new technologies' and modern methods of communication. I decided the best way to really understand blogging was to try it myself. Can you tell me how I can set up a counter to judge how many hits I have on my site? It seems to be something which is important to you (and all of us!). My new blog is teachingstraumasandtriumphs.blogspot.com if you want to have a look!

Many thanks,

Nikita Knysh said...

Hi Jinx, I use FeedBurner for this purpose. This is a widely used service which allows you to track usage of you blog's website and you RSS feed. The service is very easy to use.

Good luck in your blogging!