Jan 22, 2008

Service Review: websitegrader.com

Submit your website's URL and get the marketing efficiency report. The analysis takes some time which probably depends on your website's size. Analysis of my small blog took about 2 minutes.

The report is very user-friendly. Figures are accompanied by meaningful explanations and advices. You can subscribe to receive you website's analysis by e-mail every month.

You can also download a free "Internet Marketing Kit" which is 2 videos and a 12-page whitepaper with SEO and conversion tips. Download requires submitting a short form. Yep, that's their conversion form so they follow their own advice.

Bookmarks on del.icio.us and Digg.com were not detected but I know they exist so such a defect in the service is not a big problem.

The tool shows the number of inbound links which differs a lot from the figure returned by for instance Google. It would be a good idea to list the links or at least link domains to provide users with criteria on making the decision on how reliable their figure is.

... My blog scored 78%. What about yours?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Website grader is great tool.

My grade is 98 on my blog.