Jan 28, 2008

Great Free Business Prototyping Tool

Serena Software has recently released Prototype Composer 2.4 – a tool for prototyping dataflow, processes, activities and user interfaces. The tool also proposes functionality for managing projects which is quite simple but probably enough for small projects. Prototype Composer supports export to MS Word, collaborative work (e.g. prototype sharing, review requests and reviews), and integration with larger systems by Serena and Microsoft VSTS.

The tool can be used by businesses with medium and high prototyping and collaboration demands and by individual contractors who will utilize only a small part of the proposed functionality.

The user interface prototyping tool almost repeats one by Axure. It is convenient for building both wireframes and graphically rich UI prototypes.

The largest disadvantage I was able to find so far is absence of wizards and sample projects.

Prototype Composer home page (Downloading the tools requires submission of a short form.)

List of screen mockup prototyping tools (I’m the lucky one who added Prototype Composer there).


Mr.K said...

Is it cross-platform?

Nikita Knysh said...

I'm afraid no. As their download page says, it "[...] runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP".

Wayne Liew said...

Hey Nikita,

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Have a nice day, Nikita.


Anonymous said...

Serena has released PC 2009 R1

It is an amazing tool that I have ever used

Luis F. Buelvas T. said...

Hi, you can help me ?
Where I find a tutorial or samples of Serena prototye Composer ?
Thank you.

Nikita Knysh said...

Hi Luis,
I hope this link will be useful: