Jan 18, 2008

How to Browse the Web Quicker or Do You Use Opera?

I use Opera for over five years and now I have a blog where I can spread the word about this wonderful web browser. So let me do!

Just to Say Ahh!
Today Opera is much more popular than it was when I've started using it, but even that time I was very serious about buying it. Not just to remove the banner from the top of the browser window but to thank Opera team for what they're doing. But... Ooops... They've made it free! They are always two steps ahead. Ahead in usability. Ahead in technology. Even ahead of your wishes! And that's what I love them for.

To Be a Bit More Specific
Opera browser has numerous features that'll make your not only browsing quicker but also using the web without a need of having several tools. In Opera you can download files (and yep BitTorrent is supported), store notes, manage your passwords and much more! A built-in email client, widgets, skins are there too! View the full list of Opera features – it worth!

But what really makes browsing in Opera more efficient is its user interface. Look at speed dial, thumbnail preview, mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts. Again – it worth!

To Invite You to Best Browsing
So why not learn more about Opera? Why not visit their website at least once a month? Why not download all latest versions (stable ones only!). Why not promote it? Why not try Opera Mini?

Or, if new to Opera, why not download it?


Neil said...

You're right about Opera, it's a slick browser. It's just a shame that I'm so hopelessly dependent on my Firefox plugins.

I'd like to use Safari a little more, too - Webkit renders everything so much smoother than Firefox 2 (at least on OS X). I just need a cross-browser, universal wrapper for all my web development plugins & tools!

Nikita Knysh said...

Hi Neil, thenks for your comment. Yep, we all depend on our working tools. I'm forced to use MSIE at work but use Opera whenever I can :)

Gammet said...

I must say that I haven't read anything in your post that would make me want to switch to Opera.
I use Firefox and it has all those things, plus I don't need IE (sort of), I can just run it in FF.

Nikita Knysh said...

Hi Gammet, thanks for your comment. Firefox is great too and according to my stats you represent 49% of my visitors with your post. Shame on me, I don't know much about functionalities of Firefox but I think it's a matter of habit which browser we use. Perhaps it also depends on which browser was tried out by us first. As far as I remember, Firefox has became a great browser later than Opera and that's the reason I use the latter and I don't need to switch to another browser.

Have many visitors to ouyr blog!