Jan 14, 2008

The Paralysis of the Analysis

Do you remember how many times you had ideas on starting doing something? How many times you have actually started? I believe that many of us do not start even one percent.

Many startups die even not being started. Many people start analyzing an opportunity by thinking mostly about how their startup may fail but not how to it succeed. Analyzing best practices and success stories and looking at successful people and companies or popular websites or blogs we see how far we are from success. We think about many serious problems we are going to face and how it is hard to succeed and how much time it will take. All those thoughts prevent us from even trying to do something. From even starting something we want to start.

Of course analysis and planning is essential for success but we cannot analyze everything beforehand. Doing first steps we learn. We find out more about the problems and ways of solving them. We not just increase our chances to succeed. We basically give ourselves those chances. Even small practical experience is worth more than several weeks of pure analysis.

Analyzing an opportunity it is vital to not fall into the paralysis of analysis.

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Vivienne said...

You make a great point here about the general reluctance to take action. I'm as guilty as anyone else. I think it's safer to just think about ideas and dream than to find out if they'll really work or not.