Jan 12, 2008

How to Get 1000+ LinkedIn Connections in Two Weeks

A year ago I had about 20 LinkedIn connections and had no idea how to make even 20 more. In December 2007 I made 300 connections in 2 hours. Now my network is 1,400+.

The fast and easy way to make 1000+ LinkedIn connections is to declare yourself LION (LinkedIn Open Networker), register with The LIONs' Lair, download a list of LIONs, import it into LinkedIn and mass-send invitations. And wait. Your 1,000 connections will come in two or three weeks.

To grow our networks more we need to find other ways because the number of LIONs is limited and will always be. Zale Tabakman has posted some advices on how to generate 100 LinkedIn invitations a week. Ok, I haven't generate so many but Zale's post is obviously helpful.

But having a large network and getting use of it are two different things. I'd recommend reading the post about LinkedIn addiction by Ray van den Bel.


TonNet said...

I might be wrong but your blog is new. Anyway, the content is very original and interesting and I've found this post worth more than one reading. Thanks for the tip and keep up the hard work.

Nikita Knysh said...

Hi Milton. Thanks a lot for your comment. Such a feedback proves that blogging is not waste of my time :)

Zaheer said...

hi nikita, very good article on increasing the connections in linkedin, i did the same thing and found an significant increase in my conenctions, but just did it before reading ur article, lol...... is there any other method of importing contacts directly ??????

Nikita Knysh said...

Hi Zaheer,
I didn't investigate :) I already have many connections with people I don't know. And I'm continuing accepting new invitations... That's just enough for me.

Good luck in your networking!

Anonymous said...

Very good Article Nikita Knysh.

Nikita Knysh said...

Thank you Rajendra :)

Do you have a blog? And how can I find your LinkedIn profile?